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Concept was good

I really like how the game went towards the beginning of each level but once you got big enough to eat everything it just became a game of eating things as fast as possible. All the challenge goes out of the level for the last few minutes which detracts from the fun. Overall it was alot of fun but it got dragged out around the middle of each level.

Very well made

I really enjoyed the game and I look forward to OD3 but this one was very short. Other then the length I really enjoyed how creative it was.

Great Potential

I really enjoyed the game overall there are just alot of little problems with it. I didn't mind the jump/spin so much I just considered it an added challenge. What I didn't like however was the ending. I spent a good couple hours playing this game and I got all levels perfect and then...nothing. This was easily up there as one of the most disappointing ending to a flash game I've played in a while. The game itself however, was fun and challenging.

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This is Pretty cool

I love the original song by Ozbourne, and this song is a good tribute to it. It sounds like something they would play at a funeral. Then again, it is a cover of Ozzy so that shouldn't be surprising.

Mucky88 responds:

Thanks. I wish I had a real pipe organ so I could play this for real. Sigh...oh well.

one of the best USSR anthem remixes I've heard

Nice job :)

Sounds like a remixed pokemon song for the gameboy

In an awsome way. I really love this song. Gonna DL it now

midimachine responds:

Hehe. The gym leader battle music was probably floating around the back of my mind when i wrote this :P

Thanks for the review!

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This might be the best Pico Fan Art I've ever seen! I like the newground painting in the back, nice subtle touch.

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