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Happy Labor Day!

2010-09-06 19:53:08 by limestonekitten

Happy labor day everyone hope y'all are enjoyin' your corn and burgers and what not. I've uploaded a new drawing (hopefully much better than my first) in celebration and as my last act as a free man before school begins tomorrow. So to you one or two people who actually read this, enjoy the pic!

Happy Labor Day!

So I'm working on series that I will be submitting to the art portal sometime within the next week hopefully. It'll be a collection of sketches submitted one at a time over a period of time. They're not going to blow anyone's socks off but I have been a member of Newgrounds for too long to just sit, rate and blam. I'm going to submit something and if it gets blammed so be it but by golly I'm gonna do it.